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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oaxacan Painted Lizard Lesson

The best part of this project is the bumpy texture you feel when you pet the lizard! This is thick acrylic paint on card stock, applied with a blunt tooth pick or small dowel. Puff paint works well, especially on mat board, but younger students have a hard time making even dots. Of course, even if the colors get crazy and inconsistent, the lizard still looks cool. To do a good job takes a long time, but encourage your child that it's worth the effort. If you use card stock, you should be able to run it through the copier to save time. If you use mat board, you or the students will have to trace a stencil first. The students can always create their own creatures, but I've found this to be a good intro project. There's plenty of work to do in the decorating. This pattern can be used with very young students. It can be covered with colors using any technique and then cut out. An adult will have to do it, this one's hard to cut! When the colorful lizard is glued to black paper, it really stands out.

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