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Friday, November 13, 2009

Preschool Lesson on Spirals

Yesterday was all about spirals. The students made FIMO snails and lollipops. To make the stripes on the lollipops, it's not important to separate the stripes of colors. I had the students smoosh, mix and swirl the colors all together. Then they roll the colorful ball of clay into a "snake". When I helped the students roll the ends of the clay in opposite directions, the colors make stripes like on a candy cane. From there the students roll their clay into a spiral.

It's fun to paint with water. Brown butcher paper or boxes turn color when painted with water. Absolutely no mess. After we walked around the spiral path a few times, we practiced painting spirals with water. After that, we drew snails and lollipops with gel sticks using our new knowledge of spirals!

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