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Friday, February 17, 2012

How to make a polymer clay cane with a sea turtle shell pattern!

1) Chop up a bunch of colors that look cool together.  Next time I think I would use brighter, crazier colors.
2) Roll it out and maybe fold it once or twice and roll it out again until you have one smooth log of clay.

3) Slice it into four or five equal pieces.

4) Pinch the top of each piece so that the end looks like a triangle. If there is part of the cane that seems to have darker colors, be sure that part up into the point.  We're trying to get that look of each individual scale of the shell where it has a dark radial pattern like the rays of a rising sun.

5)  Bring all the pointed ends together (here the pattern is upside-down).

Learn how to form them into sea turtles in my next post.

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