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Friday, May 25, 2012

Placing a polymer clay bas-relief in a frame

I wanted a deep frame for a polymer clay picture, so I bought this "adjustable depth project frame" from a local craft store.  I was worried about baking the clay on a frame with a finish, because I didn't know how it would react in the oven.  Still, I went ahead and spread the clay out on the glass, and pressed it against the sides of the frame.  As usually happens, it took a few weeks for me to get back to the project.  Ugh!  The clay has corroded the sides of the frame and a tar-like substance had seeped onto the clay!  I was able to take the glass and the picture out from the back.  I baked it without the frame, bought a new frame, and slid the picture into the new frame without a problem.

At some point in the baking process the glass and clay cracked!  I was still able use it an hide the cracks.  Maybe next time I will let it warm up and cool off with the oven.

I use Pan Pastel chalks, brushes, and pan pastel sponge applicators to "paint" parts of the picture.  This was especially helpful for the little fire flies.

The concept art for this piece came from Chris Newberg's blog.  I get to use it 'cause I'm his sister!

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