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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Free butterfly wing cane tutorial polymer clay

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This is one way to make a butterfly wing cane!  I love these canes because I get to use up my mixed-up clay.  It's always a stunning surprise to see what patterns are revealed in the wings!  Of course you could make a whole butterfly cane by packing clay around the wings.

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These more complex wings were made with my gemstone cane tutorial.

If you'd like to try another beginner cane, this may even be easier!  These canes are like tessellations or kaleidoscopes!   


  1. this is so cool. i have a necklace pendant that was made similarly and i just find it so fascinating. the necklace i have has a little turtle shape in the middle of it, it's so tiny and cute!

  2. i just subscribed a few minutes will I know when I can get the cane so excited I want to start right away!!

  3. I just bought one of your cane tutorials on Etsy. Great price and very easy to follow! Thanks!!! You're a wonderful clay artist!

  4. Very nice tutorial. Thank you:)