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Friday, December 4, 2009

How to Draw a Christmas Fireplace Lesson Plan

This is my favorite Christmas drawing! Unfortunately, I can't repeat it this year because most of my students have already done it!. That's why it's so much fun to share it with you! I love firelight. I start by discussing the example (feel free to print out one of mine). The students start to recognize the glow and reflections of the firelight. I tell the students that their goal is to make the fire look like it's really glowing. Another reason I like this project is because it offers so much freedom. Most of the students try to write the names of their whole family on the stockings including pets of course! Details are messy in chalk, so I it might be good to have colored pencils handy. Speaking of messy, I make sure the children are wearing paint shirts. High quality chalks do not wash out!
Oh, another art concept is the perspective on the mantel. A little step by step instruction will help the students create a shelf on which to place anything they want. Point out to them that if they draw the objects right on the line, they will be at the very edge of the shelf. Drawing objects above the line sets them right in the middle.
It's always good to let the students share with one another, but this one is especially fun to talk about. I have the students stand in a circle with their projects held out in front of them so they can all be seen at the same time.

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