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Friday, August 6, 2010

Northern Lights Art Project

On one of my many treasure hunts through the book section of a local thrift shop, I found Aurora Borealis a photo memory.  It was full of amazing pictures!  This project goes quickly, so it will only take a short time.  This would be a great make-and-take for an art fair booth.

black paper
chalk pastels
scrap paper
paper towels
example project and photographs

1) Scrub chalk pastels on scrap paper to make powder
2) Rub a paper towel on the chalk and then on the horizon line to give the horizon line some contrast
3) Use a black marker to draw the objets on the horizon over the chalk
4) Create the effect of the aurora borealis by using the paper towel to smear streaks of bright colored chalk

This takes some practice.  Students often try to use chalks that are too dark in color.  This is a great project to teach the importance of contrast.

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