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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In-Home Art Therapy lessons and classes for the elderly in Tucson (or Alzheimer's or Parkinson's)

Some moments in this job seem nothing less than miraculous.  I've always been drawn to working with children, but in the last few years I've also been given the opportunity to work with elderly adults.  I'm amazed by how much joy it brings!  My clients are often depressed.  They are frustrated by forgetfulness and loss of freedom.  In art class there's nothing to worry about.  It adds greatly to quality of life in the moment and remains as something beautiful as a reminder and inspiration.  One student set aside a whole room of her house as a gallery for her paintings.  It was beautiful!  The projects we make are also great gifts.  Last year we made Christmas cards out of the images.   I offer sessions in polymer clay and chalk pastel painting.  Many of the projects are similar to what you see on this blog, but I'll try to post more.  For my chalk pastel classes, I bring in a photograph and an example of how that image can be interpreted through chalk pastels.  Then we each make our own picture while I give step-by-step instruction.  This works even when my students can't hear what I'm saying.  My favorite part is when my student gets into the flow, stops paying attention, and continues with the painting, making all the choices on her own!

To try out a session or set one up for someone you love, call me at 235-8877.  Sessions are $30 per hour.  Feel free to invite a friend or two and split the cost.

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