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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Things to do with Polymer Clay Canes

Here is a list of things to make with polymer clay canes.  I love making canes!  If you do an image search of any of the following, you will find the most stunning canework.  Feel free to comment on more ways to use cane slices.
Hair clips
Picture Frames
Mirror frames
Covered Eggs
Tea sets
Animal sculptures
Boxes  (tThere are zillions of kinds of boxes.  Try an old altoid tin.  I'd like to see nesting boxes)
Covered glass ornaments
In fact, just roam the aisles of you craft store, almost anything wood, glass, or paper mache can be covered in clay!
Fountain pens and ball point pens
Crochet hooks (these are very popular)
Wine glasses or wine bottle stoppers
Light switch plates
Cuff bracelets
Fabrics and patterns for miniature sculptures (quilts, blankets, fabrics, wrapping paper)
Business card holder
Cross wall hanging
Journals and Sketch books
Mosaic tiles
Poker chips / Casino chips
Nail art (mini slices for finger nails)
Slices of canes make great miniature fruit!
Scrapbook embellishments
Knobs and handles
Decorative Nativity Scene
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