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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ship at Night Drawing Lesson

OK, I've been posting projects to be read from bottom to top, but now I'll switch back to top to bottom like normal. This project is always a hit with any age. Students add sharks, nets, crow's nests, pirates, portholes, and so many other things! I like to play the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack while we draw. This project teaches overlapping shapes, horizon line, reflections or mirror image, and most importantly imagination. For younger students, the sails don't have to overlap, or they can draw fewer sails. Practice with overlapping shapes is a good warm up. Point out that we know which shapes are "in front" even though we only have a two dimensional surface.

In this picture the horizon line is where the water meets the night sky. The horizon line should be drawn anywhere as long as it is at least slightly above the bottom of the boat. Place an object (ideally and model ship) on the table and have the students look at it from a standing and then kneeling position. Point out how the line at the far end of the table rises and sinks in relation to the object.

Most students will want to draw yellow, five-pointed stars. That's OK of course, but you can show then how natural stars look. Prismacolor pencils on black paper work so well! Ask them if the top or bottom of this demo looks best and why.

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