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Monday, June 15, 2009

Fimo Penguins

When I was little, we had a family friend from Germany who taught all the kids to make things out of fimo. As far as I know, polymer clay wasn't available in craft stores at the time. At any rate, I know she ordered her clay from Germany. My first fimo instruction books were also written in German (I just looked at the pictures). For years, fimo was my favorite pastime. We didn't have fimo soft, so I spent hours conditioning what seemed to me to be impossibly hard clay. It was also very expensive for me so I made things tiny and did everything possible to conserve clay. I never imagined it would become a big part of my work when I grew up. I love passing on the joy that I was given!

I have a FANTASTIC group of students over at Casas Christian School this summer. These are their penguins.

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