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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cube Books!

I've spent the afternoon trying to organize some of my reference materials. I try to collect all the images I can. Calendars are GREAT! I also use old magazines and even catalogs. I've found some great books for under a dollar at local thrift stores. Often these are the gift or coffee table books that are full of beautiful photos. Some of the books are in poor enough condition that I don't feel bad cutting them up for collage.

One day I was in Bookmans and I found a "Cube Book" entitled FLOWERS. I was thrilled! Every page has a beautiful photograph! I started to wonder if there were more Cube Books so I decided to check on Amazon. These are amazing! I have all the pictures I could possibly want. I can't wait to get them all! A few of them aren't quite what I expected, for example, the HORSE book has mostly working horses rather than as many of the idyllic images children like to draw.

The pictures I used for the Georgia O'Keeffe lesson came from a Flowers Cube Book.

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