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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to form triangle quilt blocks for polymer clay cane work: fimo tutorial

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Here again, I've tried to find the simplest way to form shapes without an extruder (see rectangular blocks or hearts).  In this case, it would be impossible to use an extruder because I want to keep the "fabric" pattern of the triangle in-tact.  The trick to creating beautiful quilt canes is for the sections to have mixed colors as if they were patterned fabric.  You can use multiple canes, or just mix colors, as long as the pattern won't be disturbed by squishing it into a triangle.

There are countless quilt blocks that can be made by arranging square canes divided into triangles.  Sometimes I even make up the squares before I know what pattern I'll use.  I just keep slicing, staking, and re-arranging the square canes.  It's so much fun, and the result is beautiful!  I like to make these square canes fairly large (much larger than pictured) and then reduce them.  This way I can make lots and lots to play around with by only forming the triangle once!

As long as you have the same amount of each color side by side, they will form pretty good triangles when squished into a square.  Be sure to pinch squares so that the colors meet perfectly at the corners.  This may take a little practice, but trust me, it works better than you'd think.  I don't know why I spent so many hours extruding tiny triangles!  Also, once the square cane is formed, you can push it all pull it (to even out thick and thin) while you line them up with other canes, so even if the aren't perfect to begin with, you can just force them into place when the time comes.

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