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Saturday, May 9, 2009

How to Draw a Cityscape at Night

For my first post, I'll start with an easy project. This picture was done by one of my students (the arches aren't to perspective, but the rest looks great). Start by showing this ,or any other example, and ask the children to brainstorm anything else they might want in their picture. I'd love to get a beautiful poster of a city scape and night, but for now I just print off pictures from an image search, or look for a book at the library.
Materials: Any kind of black paper (card stock, construction paper, pastel paper)
Chalk pastel pencils or sticks (I like Prismacolor brand Nupastels)
Procedure: If you want a bridge, help students with the vanishing point. This is just a small example of perspective. Don't overwhelm younger students with the technical aspect, just direct them to draw a diagonal line. The buildings are simple shapes staked up. Take time to explain the mirror image in the reflection, and show them how easy it is to blend the chalk to look like water!

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