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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Polymer clay Fimo Board Games

Today was the last day of class for my Tuesday classes this semester. As a special project we made board games! This is the example game which I played with my students as an into to the project. These shots make it look like quite an epic journey for those ants! These games are 3-D! The game board is made of white mat board designed with markers. The baked clay is glued on the board with PVA glue. The game pieces were also made with clay. The morning class made Gotham city, beach and underwater themes, rockets shooting through the solar system, a speed racer track, and a kitchen with a hidden cookie jar! Amazing! For the afternoon class, I started them with a template. "Freedom within structure." In some ways this worked better because it's hard to design a game board that works well. You could easily make your own template, but I'll try to upload mine tomorrow. Dice can be bought separately. I cut some blank cards from colorful card stock in case the students wanted to add extra adventure. Just think of the countless ways these games could be used to teach and stretch students creativity and problem solving!

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