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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Printable Valentine coloring pages for Scrapbook paper cards

Do you ever see a sheet of beautiful scrapbook paper that you had to have, but you just didn’t know how to use it?  Or maybe you thought you had a plan, but it didn’t quite seem to work out that way?  

These interchangeable paper-puzzle cards are the perfect way to use any extra sheets you have lying around.  Or treat your self to a trip to the paper store and know that you can make lots of beautiful cards for a dollar or two without wasting hardly any paper.

I can’t tell you how peaceful and therapeutic it is for me to arrange all these gorgeous papers!

Step 1: Print out the pattern of the whole card on card stock.  This can be colored or   
             painted as is.  These are great for kids to use as coloring projects.

Step 2: Print out multiple copies of the design on different papers of you choice. For  
             each design, 3 colors will create 3 cards.  5 colors will result in 5 cards etc. 

Step 3: Cut out all the pieces with scissors, an exacto knife, or any cutting tool of your    
             choice.  Do your best to slice right through the black line.

Step 4:  Mix and match all the pieces and put them together again on the original card.  
             I find that glue stick  works well.

Use contrasting colors and textures (light and dark, smooth and textured)
If you don’t want the black lines to show, use the reverse pattern and print it on the back of the paper. This can get confusing!  Think it though ahead of time.  I often mess this up!
If your paper won’t go though the printer, just print out the pattern on plain paper and glue or spray mount it to the back.  Again, make sure you print the reverse patten!!!
Sometimes you DO want dark black lines to bring out the pattern, or make it look like stained glass.  In this case, you can re-enforce the lines with permanent marker or 3D paint!

Better than stickers for scrapbook embellishments!  Check out this post about how to build slice-and- bake valentine canes. (or buy pre-made from my etsy shop)

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